Survey for Parents of Children

We wholeheartedly believe that the church should come along side parents and caregivers in the development of our children. One of the ways that the church has done this is to provide a Sunday School time for school-aged children that meets during the Adult Sunday School time. The purpose of this time is to equip each child with a Biblical framework at an age-appropriate level that will prayerfully guide them into a life of devotion to Jesus.

This survey is largely about Sunday School but it does affect our overall children's ministry strategy as well as adult Sunday School. Our Children's Sunday School currently meets from 11:15-12:00. Please be honest in answering this survey. We value your thoughts highly and will give due diligence to the collective voice spoken in these surveys.

If you answered "Yes" to question  2, you have completed the survey. Thank you!

Thank you for completing this survey!